BBC Sky at Night Magazine

What you’ll need


Marking out tools (a ruler, compasses and a pencil), a craft knife and cutting mat, scissors, masking tape, a hot-melt glue gun (or strong adhesive tape), a small saw and drill for making the wooden base, a small dressmakin­g pin and a glue stick.

Several sheets of stiff or corrugated cardboard (old packaging) – at least six sheets, approximat­ely 300 x 300mm in size, some aluminium foil and a few small offcuts of wood.

Sundries include a small, bright torch with a single LED or very small bulb (not an LED array), plus a copy of the all-sky chart from page 46.

For the finish you’ll need matt black spray paint for the interior of box, foil and sawdust, plus suitable paint and decoration­s for the outside.

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