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Standing out


The ‘stand-alone’ element of the MGEN-3 autoguider is impressive. We found the equipment completely plug-and-play and the control box comes with a ‘live view’ function in place of a laptop screen. Once attached to the guidescope, we were up and running within minutes.

When you go the convention­al, laptop-driven route, common problems can include incorrect drivers, lack of USB ports, cable management and disconnect­ion issues. With the MGEN-3 we encountere­d none of these. There is the option, though, to connect via a laptop (and Lacerta provides apps to do this), which means you can get used to laptop-controlled setups before moving up to the standalone integrated guiding equipment and software. The flexibilit­y means we could switch between the two options, depending on the location we were imaging from, and this makes the MGEN-3 even more adaptable.

Overall, we couldn’t think of anything else that the Lacerta MGEN-3 needs to do when we compared it to specialist guiding software.

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