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I have always found everything to do with astrophoto­graphy to be the ‘here be dragons’ part of amateur astronomy. I always read the articles in the magazine but never seemed to have the time to dive in and figure it out. I did finally learn all the settings on my camera last year for an aurora trip, but my long exposures still suffered from star trails. The review of the wind-up mini-tracker in the magazine a little while ago (the Omegon Mini Track LX2, October

2018 issue) – an ideal piece of equipment for someone like me, without batteries or laptops – encouraged me to get one. Then along came Comet NEOWISE and my initial photos had blurring even with a short exposure time. So I finally buckled down to figure out how to use the tracker and give it a try. This is my first night’s attempt and I am pleased that it all worked as hoped. The comet head and stars are round instead of smeared out as before.

Having taken these first steps into astrophoto­graphy, I am feeling more confident and looking forward to further experiment­s. So thank you for all the articles on astrophoto­graphy and reviews of the equipment. It has helped one self-confessed luddite on the road to better pictures of the night sky.

Lori-Ann Foley, Jersey, Channel Islands A wonderful picture, Lori-Ann: the stars are sharp and you’ve captured the comet’s tail extending a nice distance from the nucleus. – Ed.

 ??  ?? First light: Lori-Ann’s wonderful shot of Comet NEOWISE
First light: Lori-Ann’s wonderful shot of Comet NEOWISE

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