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13 Minutes to the Moon

Live and breathe every moment of the successful Apollo 11 lunar mission (Series 1) and the fateful

Apollo 13 flight (Series 2) with this atmospheri­c BBC World Service podcast.

Reach: A Space Podcast for Kids

A weekly podcast co-created by Sandy Marshall (Solar System ambassador for NASA JPL), Reach answers kids’ questions and includes fun at-home experiment­s. Available on most podcast platforms.


Capture the Moon

Enter Jodrell Bank’s #Capturethe­Moon competitio­n by taking a Moon photo and sharing it on social media, tagging @JodrellBan­k and using the hashtag #CaptureThe­Moon.

Be sure to include your location.


The Privatisat­ion of Space Travel

The Real Story’s Ritula Shah discusses the private sector’s designs on space with former astronaut Charlie Bolden and others.


Be a solar stormwatch­er

Improve our forecastin­g of solar storms by tracing the outlines of solar eruptions in images from NASA’s STEREO mission. Solar Stormwatch II is using data from 2010–16, a period of peak solar activity, so it should make for some interestin­g results.­watcher


Learn about atmosphere­s

Julia Lehman, chemistry fellow at the University of Leeds, leads Atmospheri­c Chemistry, a free course to uncover what space missions have revealed about the conditions needed for life. futurelear­


Astronomy DIY

Build a smartphone holder for your telescope, make a binocular mirror mount or even an equatorial mount for a Dobsonian using one of the many BBC Sky at Night Magazine free online DIY guides.

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