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The terms and symbols used in The Sky Guide

Universal time (UT) and British Summer Time (BST)

Universal Time (UT) is the standard time used by astronomer­s around the world. British Summer Time (BST) is one hour ahead of UT

RA (Right ascension) and dec. (declinatio­n)

These coordinate­s are the night sky’s equivalent of longitude and latitude, describing where an object is on the celestial ‘globe’

Family friendly

Objects marked with this icon are perfect for showing to children

Naked eye

Allow 20 minutes for your eyes to become dark-adapted

Photo opp

Use a CCD, planetary camera or standard DSLR


10x50 recommende­d

Small/ medium scope

Reflector/SCT under 6 inches, refractor under 4 inches

Large scope

Reflector/SCT over 6 inches, refractor over 4 inches

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