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Step 1

Test the torch and use our downloadab­le diagram (see page 5) to work out the size of the projector box. Mark out the sides and top of the box. Carefully cut them out with a craft knife (adults only) and remember to always cut away from your other hand.

Step 2

Make additional ‘tops’ – you need one for the box and one for each monthly sky ‘slide’ you plan to use. Use small pieces of masking tape to fit the box pieces together. Score the sides so they fold neatly near the narrower torch end.

Step 3

Use the glue gun to join the side pieces together. After running the glue down the outside, remove the top and glue the inside to make a rigid structure. Remember to take care with the hot glue. You can also use strong tape if you don’t have a glue gun.

Step 4

You need to stop any reflection­s inside, so paint the interior of the box and top piece matt black. While the first coat is wet, sprinkle on some sawdust, shake off the excess and then apply another coat. This should create a light-absorbing surface.

Step 5

Use some offcuts of wood to make a stand for the torch. We drilled a hole in the base for the torch to stand in. The top of the stand’s two ‘walls’ should be just below the top of the torch and the width between them should match the box ‘neck’.

Step 6

Glue the top of the box on. Paint one side of the foil matt black then, with the black side facing down, stick it to the monthly ‘slide’. Place your pull-out all-sky chart over the black side of the foil and make tiny pin holes through the chart and foil.

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