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 Sun spot


Jean-Paul Desgrees, Chartres, France, 13 June 2020

Jean-Paul says: “The Sun has fascinated me since 1973 when I was secretary of the solar commission of the Astronomic­al Society of France. It’s in a period of low activity in its 11-year cycle at the moment, so when I captured this spot I thought I’d share it with you.”

Equipment: ZWO ASI 178MM mono camera, TS-Optics Photoline 130mm triplet apo refractor, Daystar Quark H-alpha Eyepiece, Daystar Energy Rejection Filter, UV-IR cut filter, Sky-Watcher EQ8 mount Exposure: 30” video Software: FireCaptur­e, AstroSurfa­ce, RegiStax, Photoshop

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