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The Cygnus Wall


Jason Burns, Kansas, USA, 22–24 June 2020

Jason says: “Last year I shot this with a one-shot colour camera and I knew I could do better with narrowband filters. I found OIII a challenge to complete as the data always seems a little more noisy, while post-processing was tedious as I wanted a true ‘Hubble Palette’ (SII, Ha, OIII) and didn’t want green overpoweri­ng the image. Fortunatel­y, the skies were pristine and the data was clean, so I didn’t have to lose any sub exposures.”

Equipment: QHY163M camera, Sky-Watcher 100ED Pro apo refractor, pier-mounted Celestron AVX mount head Exposure: 15 x 600” SII, HA, and OIII Software: APT, DeepSkySta­cker, PixInsight

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