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Rogue landlord rented out ‘unfit’ property

Slough: Landlord prosecuted and fined for running house without licence

- By Kieran Bell kieranb@baylismedi­ @KieranB_BM

A rogue landlord has been told to pay more than

£57,000 following a prosecutio­n brought by Slough Borough Council (SBC) after he was found running a house of multiple occupation without a licence.

Fahed Alam Choudhry, from Wembley, has been instructed to pay out

£57,577.92 by Reading Magistrate­s’ Court after SBC’s housing regulation team found out about his actions.

His property at 118 Arborfield Close, Slough, was originally granted an HMO licence in 2018 but it was restricted to one year because of concerns about Mr Choudhry’s fitness to be a landlord having been found in breach of regulation­s previously. The one year licence was not renewed in 2019.

During an unannounce­d visit to the property on May 13 last year, council officers found six different households and a total of 11 people living in the house with facilities unsuitable for those numbers.

Some of the issues with the property included dangling live electrical wires, a blocked fire exit, holes in the floors, broken waterspout­s into the kitchen and a completely overgrown garden.

It was discovered that Choudhry was in breach of the Housing Act 2004 and the Management of Houses in Multiple Occupation (England) Regulation­s 2006.

He failed to appear in court on January 14 this year and was convicted, in his absence, of 11 offences.

These were made up of 10 offences of breaches of the management regulation­s and one offence of not licensing the HMO.

Choudhry was fined £5,000 for each offence; costs of £2,387.92 and a victim supplement of £190, bringing the total to £57,577.92.

Councillor Martin Carter, SBC's lead member for housing and environmen­t, said: “Mr Choudhry cared not one bit about the law and even less about the safety, health and wellbeing of his tenants.

“The seriousnes­s of the offences is shown by the fine imposed and I hope this serves as a warning to other slum landlords, who we know are operating in Slough, that we will not hesitate to hit you where it hurts the most; in your wallet.

“Gone are the days where unscrupulo­us and uncaring – and often absent – landlords can prey on the poorest in Slough’s communitie­s, taking advantage of their desperatio­n, their lack of knowledge of the regulation­s. putting tenants’ lives at risk just to line their own pockets.

“No tenant should have to live this way.

“We will continue to find those who flout the law, putting tenants’ lives at risk just to line their own pockets.”

 ?? ?? The overgrown garden.
The overgrown garden.

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