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Bus lane has no tangible benefits for anyone


I read with considerab­le dismay that more than 1,200 tickets/fines have been issued to drivers who were using the bus lane.

On the same A4, on part of the road near Salt Hill Park, the signage is covered up, stating bus lane not in use or suspended.

I found this to be confusing.

How can motorists be sure if this is genuine or not? And what is the point in doing this?

I drive along the A4 regularly and very rarely do I see buses or cyclists actually using the bus lane.

If a bus makes an appearance, it is mostly empty, as the public does not wish to use the buses for fear of catching COVID infection.

The A4 is full of linked traffic lights and every on/off bus lane causes even more hazards on the road and to motorists, as drivers suddenly have to ‘jump’ over from lane to lane.

During the rush hours, there is even more congestion­s, while the bus lane is totally deser ted.

This unnecessar­y congestion is only causing additional pollution to the atmosphere, thus any ‘green’ merits of the bus lane equates to NIL.

Motorists already pays taxes to use the highways.

This is yet another example of a tax to raise money.

Local Council policymake­rs who issued 1,200 fines have nothing to be proud of, as there is no tangible benefits for anyone, only misery and a waste of precious public funds in my opinion.

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