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Champions check in as COVID restrictio­ns end

Slough: Volunteers promote vaccine uptake and talk to residents

- By Jade Kidd jadek@baylismedi­ @JadeK_BM

A charity in Slough has organised for a group of Community Wellbeing Champions (CWC) to travel around the town checking on residents following the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictio­ns.

Slough CVS and #OneSlough are utilising the champions to help encourage take-up of the vaccine and to check how people are coping with the daily life changes due to COVID-19.

The project, which focuses on wellbeing as its main aim, looks to encourage people who have not had the vaccine, to take up the offer to protect both themselves and their family and friends.

Jamie Green, chairman of Slough CVS and organiser of the

Wellbeing Champion Project, said: “We will be out all across the borough covering festivals, community events and knocking on people’s doors. We are all people from Slough who want to make a difference to the wellbeing of residents and we are already out there in the community.

“Wherever you are in Slough you will never be far from one of

the CWCs.”

Residents in Slough are being encouraged to take the time to have a chat about their wellbeing and any concerns they have about the return to normality, if they receive a visit from the champions.

The champions will also have informatio­n and contact details to help residents with the return to normality.

The COVID-19 vaccinatio­n bus for Pfizer and Moderna will also be available at a number of locations around Slough on the following days this week:

■ Friday, April 8 – Methai Box, 1 High Street, Chalvey – 2pm to


■ Saturday, April 9 – Hindu Temple, Keel Drive – 11am to 5pm.

■ Sunday, April 10 – Hindu Temple, Keel Drive – 11am to 5pm.

 ?? ?? The Community Wellbeing Champions.
The Community Wellbeing Champions.

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