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Skipping the distance to Birmingham


Students at The Langley Academy skipped 181,856 metres on Monday as part of a skip-a-thon to raise awareness for the British Heart Foundation.

The distance is the equivalent of skipping from the school to Birmingham, where this year’s Commonweal­th Games are being held.

Students from The Langley Academy and The

Langley Academy Primary schools took part in the allday event; they used a rowing machine to help complete the distance, and also took part in workshops on how to keep the heart healthy.

In the UK, around 30,000 teenagers are currently living with heart conditions, whilst one in every 180 babies are born with a heart defect.

Headteache­r of The Langley Academy, Alison Lusuardi, said: “This event has been a fantastic way to bring our schools together.

“The skip-a-thon challenge allowed students to understand the importance of physical activity and mental well-being.

“They all enjoyed the fun of taking part and raising money for a good cause at the same time.”

 ?? ?? Shalom Smith-Amarteifio, 13 and Charlene Mugari, 13. Ref:134371-2
Shalom Smith-Amarteifio, 13 and Charlene Mugari, 13. Ref:134371-2

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