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Climate action needed, not dates and tokenism


You know that somebody is in trouble when they choose the bottom end of the range as their benchmark rather than the top (‘Climate group call on council to step up action on environmen­t’, windsorexp­, March


Last month temperatur­es near the north pole were 30C above normal. In Antarctica they were 40C above normal and an ice shelf the size of Rome collapsed into the sea.

Meanwhile the cabinet member for climate action and sustainabi­lity chose the date of adoption of the borough’s Environmen­t and Climate Strategy as her measure of success, rather than progress made in implementi­ng it since.

If things are going as well as the cabinet member was no doubt trying to suggest, why has there been no governance of the strategy since July 2021, why is the sustainabi­lity team avoiding a date with the communitie­s overview and scrutiny panel, and why, at the time of writing, has the first annual monitoring report not been published?

PAUL HINTON Plastic Free Windsor

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