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Local elections: political parties make their case

Third of Slough council seats to be decided at next week’s poll


Voters are set to go to the polls next week and have their say following a year of financial turmoil at Slough Borough Council.

The Labour-run local authority has been battling a cash crisis which has seen a ban on non-essential spending, the arrival of Government-appointed commission­ers to rectify the situation and the dismissal of the council’s chief executive, Josie Wragg.

A total of 14 seats will be up for grabs in Thursday’s vote – meaning whatever happens the council will remain in Labour’s control over the forthcomin­g year.

But the vote will still give those living in Slough a chance to cast their verdict on the council’s performanc­e ahead of a switch to ‘all-out’ elections next May which will see every seat contested.

Results from this year’s local elections are set to be revealed on Friday, May 6.

See p4-5 to find out more about the pledges and policies of local political parties ahead of Thursday’s vote.

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