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Council secures £1.3m


The council has secured £1.3million to help lowincome families make energy efficiency improvemen­ts to their homes.

Eligible homeowners or private tenants can apply to receive the free energy-saving upgrades designed to lower carbon emissions and help manage energy bills. These could include:

Wall, loft and floor insulation

Air source, ground source or hybrid heat pumps

Double/triple glazing to replace single glazing

Thermostat­s and heating controls

Hot water tank insulation

Solar panels.

These will help people to phase out high carbon, fossil fuel heating and reduce fuel poverty.

The funding is from the Government’s Sustainabl­e Warmth scheme. Councils had to demonstrat­e how their projects could support low-income families to improve their home’s energy performanc­e.

It is now available for homeowners and private tenants who live in a home with a low energy rating and have an annual household income of £30,000 a year or lower. Those who are unemployed and receive an income, health or disability benefit are also eligible.

For private tenants, the renter and landlord must agree to take part in the scheme.

Landlords will need to agree to pay a portion of the measure costs. There is no cost to the householde­r.

To apply, visit Sustainabl­eWarmth or call the Energy Saving Trust on 0808 196 8255.

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