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Fraser’s departure after 10 seasons marks the end of an era at Slough


This week marked the end of an era at Slough Town as stalwart defender Sean Fraser announced he is leaving the club at the end of the season.

Fraser has played for the Rebels for 10 seasons and the club is planning a testimonia­l for him in the summer. The 31-year-old is not yet sure if he's going to hang up his boots completely or play for another team next season.

“He feels it's the right time, he's done 10 years with us, and he'll have a testimonia­l in the summer,” said joint manager Jon Underwood. “He deserves that recognitio­n and he's going to captain us at Hampton on Monday for his final game which will be nice. He's going to see how he feels over the summer to see if he joins another club or hangs his boots up. He has a young family and work priorities and all those sorts of things that come in in your 30s and he feels it's the right time to leave the club.

“He goes with our very best wishes.”

He is the latest senior player to move on from Arbour Park, following Warren Harris' retirement and the departures of Max Worsfold, Guy Hollis and Mark Nisbet. Despite this, Underwood feels that with the emergence of young talent from the u23s Academy, the club is well placed to push on and improve next season.

“The aim is always to improve, and those younger players will be another year on and they'll benefit from the experience­s they've had,” added Underwood. “We're currently having conversati­ons with the club over the budget for next season and we’ll know where we are in the next week or so and where we can strive for.

“There's always half an eye on next season but the u23s has been a huge success, we always knew we'd have good back up there, but those players have played more of a part than we ever imagined they would. Some have taken to it and really flown like Alfonso Tenconi and others have been in and out a bit and have gone out on loan as part of their developmen­t. I'd like to think those players have all developed over the year and that's the main thing at that age.

“We've had a lot of change during the season. The squad has evolved over the season, and I don't see us ripping that up and starting again. There will be change and we'll be having conversati­ons with players over the next couple of weeks. It's not just about what we want but what they want as well.

The likes of Edon Pruti and Joe Dandy have come in and really staked a claim for next season.”

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