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A ‘kind-hearted’ sister


The brother of Shani

Warren has released a tribute to his ‘kind-hearted, fun and ambitious’ sister.

“From the day Shani was born, our family dynamic changed. Our new little addition grew into a wonderfull­y pretty and happy child whom everyone immediatel­y took to their hearts,” said Stephen Warren.

“As she grew older, she wanted to succeed through her own efforts and decided to forge a career independen­tly.

“She was deep, but it was plain that she also wanted her own family.

After all, she only had to walk into a room, and heads would turn.

“She was loving, thoughtful, warm, caring and eager to help. And her relationsh­ip with her parents was a central and integral part of their lives.

“When her father bought a small house for her, she insisted on paying rent and taking in lodgers to provide an appropriat­e income for him.

“We hope this conveys some of how Shani was; kind-hearted, lively, positive, fun and ambitious. But it was all about to end.

“Somehow or other,

Shani encountere­d the serial rapist Donald Robertson, whose practice was to attack unaccompan­ied young girls and women.

“We cannot imagine what the last moments of

Shani’s life must have been like, but you may agree that no punishment is enough for her attacker; a psychopath and a coward who lacked the courage to attend court.”

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