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Battersea appeal for blankets


OLD WINDSOR: An animal rescue charity is in 'desperate need' of warm blankets for its dogs, who are also on the look-out for forever homes.

Battersea Old Windsor, in Priest Hill, has launched the appeal to animal lovers to help pooches stay comfortabl­e during their time at the charity.

It says it is in need of warm, fleecy blankets for its dogs to sleep on, including two-year-old greyhound Ruby (pictured), who has been looking for a new home since November.

Staff at the rescue centre are having to share out blankets, the charity added, as there are not enough to go around due to a shortage of donations.

“Ruby likes to sleep in a soft, comfy bed with a blanket over the top of her and absolutely loves to be gently tucked in at night," said Kaye Mughal, centre manager at Battersea Old Windsor.

“Battersea rely on the generosity of our kind supporters to help keep our dogs warm and comfortabl­e.”

If you have any clean, unwanted fleece blankets, throws or nonfeather single duvets, Battersea Old Windsor would appreciate them.

Pillows and sheets are not suitable and towels are not needed.

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