Bethany puts her­self in dan­ger yet again... and the trou­bled teen hits Back!

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Cor­rie: Bethany Platt went through a liv­ing night­mare at the hands of Nathan Cur­tis and cor­rupt cop Neil Clifton. And her sud­den de­ci­sion to re­sume work at a lap­danc­ing club brings it all back this week when a punter gets too frisky. Re­sult: she has a flash­back to her grim or­deal and she glasses him. Sadly, the gutsy Platt teen is a long way from re­cov­ered…


Bethany Platt’s ca­reer as a lap dancer took a hit when she was sacked from Tas­sels – thanks to Craig Tinker caus­ing a dis­tur­bance at the club. So Bethany’s been forced to go back to work­ing for her great-gran, Au­drey Roberts, in the salon.

But she’s not pleased about it…


When Brian Pack­ham pops into the salon to get a hair­cut from Bethany, he lets slip to Au­drey that Bethany had a visit from her old Tas­sels pal, Sam Bryce, while he was there. It seems Bethany hasn’t put her lap-danc­ing days be­hind her af­ter all.

Later, Bethany of­fends a client at the salon, and Au­drey, Craig and David Platt hud­dle to­gether to dis­cuss her be­hav­iour. But Bethany over­hears…

Cross that they’re talk­ing about her be­hind her back, she storms off and phones Sam about au­di­tion­ing for the lap-danc­ing club, which now has new own­ers. Uh-oh!

‘Later, Bethany an­nounces she’s leav­ing the salon and she’s go­ing back to danc­ing,’ says our source at Cor­rie. ‘But, at the club, she’s asked to wear a skimpy bikini.

Bethany re­fuses, but it’s al­ready ob­vi­ous this is a very dif­fer­ent and more bois­ter­ous club than it used to be…’

When a stag do gets rowdy – and a bit ‘hands on’ – poor Bethany has a flash­back to her abuser, Nathan Cur­tis, and she lashes out with a bot­tle. Ouch!

In the en­su­ing chaos, the po­lice are called out to the club and Ms Platt is ar­rested.

As the po­lice quiz the trou­bled teen, she con­fesses to her mum, Sarah Platt, that she thinks she had some sort of psy­chotic episode – she thought the bride­groom was Nathan. Wor­ried about her daugh­ter, Sarah sug­gests giv­ing coun­selling an­other try.

Can Bethany put th­ese trou­bles be­hind her? Or will what hap­pened to her al­ways haunt her?


Craig blames him­self for Bethany be­ing ar­rested, but does Bethany see things in the same way? At a time when Bethany could do with all the friends she can get, is there a fu­ture for her and Craig?

Or could there be a new ro­mance on the hori­zon for the tor­mented teenager? But surely that would mean more heart­break for poor Craig?

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Bethany se­cures an­other job as a lap dancer, but she ends up clash­ing with a stag party…

Bethany suf­fers a hor­ri­ble flash­back to when she was abused by Nathan Cur­tis…

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