Things get steamy – and com­pli­cated – when kate and rana can’t re­sist temp­ta­tion!

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Zeedan Nazir is still reel­ing from find­ing out his wife, Rana, has been hav­ing an af­fair with Kate Con­nor, even though Rana swears their ro­mance is over.

Mean­while, Rana has agreed to her par­ents’ plan – that they’ll fund Zeedan’s busi­ness for a year if she pre­tends their mar­riage is fine and dandy.

What could go wrong?


Things get a bit tricky for Kate when Pat Phe­lan tells her and Alya Nazir that it’s time to find a new ten­ant for Luke Brit­ton’s room.

Zeedan over­hears and he sug­gests to So­phie Web­ster that she could of­fer to move in.

Kate, who’s been see­ing So­phie ca­su­ally, isn’t happy. But she can’t protest when Alya says it’s a great idea.

‘Zeedan is thrilled by the new hous­ing ar­range­ment,’ says our Cor­rie in­sider. ‘And he wastes no time in telling Rana, know­ing she’ll be up­set.

‘Mean­while, Kate ad­mits to So­phie that she thinks it’s too soon for them to start liv­ing to­gether.’

Later, Kate sees Zeedan with Leanne Bat­tersby, and she tells Rana about it.

Rana ad­mits to Kate that she wouldn’t be sur­prised if her hus­band is see­ing other women as their mar­riage is a purely fi­nan­cial ar­range­ment.

As the women have a heart-to-heart chat, they de­clare their love for one an­other. But as the pair get closer, Zeedan walks in…

How will he re­act?


With Kate and Rana un­able to stay away from each other, it doesn’t look like the Nazirs’ fi­nan­cial-ar­range­ment union is go­ing to work.

And, as we re­port on pages 42 and 43, it seems Zeedan is mov­ing on when he makes a move on Leanne Bat­tersby!

Does this spell the end for the Nazirs’ mar­riage?

Check it out! Read our in­ter­view with Faye Brookes, who plays Kate, on

Rana and Kate have a frank talk and they end up get­ting close again…

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