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kat and ash play de­tec­tive and dis­cover robbo’s true iden­tity…

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Robbo’s got a lot on his plate at the mo­ment! Not only is he hid­ing the fact he killed Den­nis No­vak – al­beit to pro­tect preg­nant Kat Chap­man – but he’s also se­cretly hitman Beck­ett Reid, one of the most wanted men in Aus­tralia!

There’s the small mat­ter that he was sent to kill po­lice con­sta­ble Kat, too, who now just hap­pens to be his girl­friend. And time’s run­ning out for the hitman with two iden­ti­ties, be­cause Kat and Martin ‘Ash’ Ash­worth are about to make a shock­ing dis­cov­ery that could ruin him…

this week

Know­ing Robbo’s hid­ing some­thing, Kat en­lists Ash’s help to find out what it is. The soon-to-be par­ents head off to do some dig­ging.

When they don’t find any­thing on Robbo at No­vak’s old safe house, the pair find a fresh lead when they see a photo of Kat’s other half hold­ing a fish­ing tackle box. They play de­tec­tive and head out on a boat to a se­cret spot.

Once they drop an­chor, Ash dons a div­ing suit and he swims down to re­trieve the mys­tery red box. But noth­ing can pre­pare them for what they find in it. Not only is there a hit-list with Kat’s name at the top - but there’s also a pass­port for Beck­ett Reid.

And it has Robbo’s photo on it!

what next?

Reel­ing from the shock that her boyfriend is ac­tu­ally a hitman who was sent to kill her, Kat de­cides to give Robbo (or should we say, Beck­ett?) the ben­e­fit of the doubt, and she goes to talk to him be­fore the po­lice.

But her world is turned up­side down once again when Robbo ad­mits he’s known his true iden­tity for a while!

The hitman-turned-handyman starts to panic when Kat re­veals that Ash knows the truth as well, and things turn nasty…

Will Kat make it out alive?

Kat and Ash go in search of clues for Robbo’s true iden­tity and they dis­cover a locked tackle box...

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