em­merdale’s Lau­rel

Bob de­clares his love to a stunned Lau­rel! But, says Char­lotte Bel­lamy, the mud­dled mum isn’t sure she can re­spond in kind… Will she give their bizarre ro­mance a chance?

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Bob Hope and Lau­rel Thomas’ feel­ings for one an­other have taken us all by sur­prise. Af­ter all, he’s made a pretty big song and dance about get­ting mar­ried to Brenda Walker. But his feel­ings for Lau­rel have blos­somed and, when he fears she’s died, he de­clares his love. ‘Lau­rel doesn’t want to hurt Brenda,’ ac­tress Char­lotte Bel­lamy tells Soaplife.‘ But since they slept to­gether, there’s been a strong con­nec­tion.’ Is it the end for Bob and Brenda?

Why has Lau­rel fallen for Bob?

He’s a breath of fresh air. Af­ter be­ing a carer to Ash­ley Thomas for so long, it’s nice to spend time with some­one who makes her laugh and who has the en­ergy that Bob has. It brings her to life and it makes her feel re­ally good about her­self.

Did she fancy Bob be­fore they slept to­gether or are th­ese new feel­ings?

No, she didn’t see him in that way. It was a kind of im­pul­sive thing where they were find­ing com­fort in each other.

What about Brenda?

She feels ter­ri­ble about be­tray­ing Brenda. She’s a good per­son, a mother and a self­less woman. She hasn’t cho­sen this path on pur­pose. In soap, you have to keep twist­ing and turn­ing a char­ac­ter or else it gets a bit bor­ing. Af­ter be­ing this Florence Nightin­gale for so long, you need to spice it up a bit.

Tell us about the mo­ment that Bob de­clares his love for Lau­rel...

Jimmy King ac­ci­den­tally re­verses his car into Lau­rel and she breaks her arm. Bob thinks she’s been killed! It makes him re­alise how much he cares for her and he goes to her house to ex­press him­self. She feels the same and it’s fire­works. They kiss, but they don’t know Brenda is walk­ing up the path!

Does Lau­rel want to be with Bob?

She says she doesn’t want to break up a fam­ily and she means that whole­heart­edly.

Could they be good to­gether?

Yes, but when you’ve been in a cou­ple so long, like Lau­rel has with Ash­ley, it’s some­times hard to see your char­ac­ter with some­body else. The au­di­ence will tell us if they think it has any po­ten­tial.

What will Ash­ley ac­tor John Mid­dle­ton think?!

I hear that he ap­proves. He’s prob­a­bly pleased I’m not with a 25-year-old hunk! I’m ob­vi­ously not say­ing that Bob ac­tor Tony Au­den­shaw isn’t a hunk! Bob’s a lovely char­ac­ter who’s adored by the public, so John would think I was in safe hands.

What ad­vice would give to Lau­rel?

Don’t do it Lau­rel!

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