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Kate’s still pin­ing for Rana when So­phie sug­gests they move in to­gether… Will it end in heart­break? Faye Brookes ex­plains…

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Kate Con­nor’s in a right pickle. So­phie Web­ster’s to­tally smit­ten with her, but she only has eyes for Rana Nazir. Kate and Alya Nazir need to find a third ten­ant for their flat, and Zeedan men­tions it to So­phie, who’s thrilled at the prospect of mov­ing in with her new love. Kate isn’t, though. ‘She doesn’t think it is a good idea,’ ac­tress Faye Brookes tells Soaplife. ‘She doesn’t want to hurt So­phie’s feel­ings, but she feels they need to take their time and ac­tu­ally let their re­la­tion­ship go at its own pace rather than rush­ing things.’ But maybe Kate shouldn’t be in a re­la­tion­ship with So­phie at all, con­sid­er­ing she’s madly in love with Rana.

What’s hap­pen­ing with Kate and Rana?

They’re not speak­ing. Kate is with So­phie, which ev­ery­one thinks is a re­bound. Kate doesn’t see it like that, but she feels like she might be break­ing So­phie’s heart if she was to lead her down the wrong path. She’s hold­ing back be­cause she knows that her true feel­ings are for Rana.

How do you think Zeedan push­ing So­phie and Kate to­gether will im­pact on Kate and Rana’s re­la­tion­ship?

So­phie has such a soft spot for Kate and Kate knows it, and she’s tak­ing ad­van­tage of it. Kate knows Rana can see that they’re to­gether and she’s get­ting jeal­ous, so it’s only fu­elling that fire. Kate needs to come clean sooner rather than later.

So­phie’s ob­vi­ously smit­ten... Is Kate aware of the ex­tent of her feel­ings?

Kate’s sim­i­lar to So­phie. She wears her heart on her sleeve and you know what you’re get­ting. Kate starts to see that she’s tak­ing her down a mis­lead­ing path and she doesn’t want to send mixed mes­sages.

How will Kate han­dle hav­ing two women fight­ing for her af­fec­tion?

She doesn’t re­ally re­alise that she’s got two women fight­ing for her be­cause her feel­ings are so strong for Rana, so she can’t see what else is go­ing on. Kate doesn’t re­alise the ef­fect that she has on the peo­ple around her. She doesn’t have the self-worth that ev­ery girl should have.

How do you think Zeedan will re­act if Kate and Rana were to con­tinue their re­la­tion­ship? We hear the two women de­clare their love for each other…

I don’t think that Zeedan will have a leg to stand on to be hon­est. Ul­ti­mately, Kate and Rana want to be to­gether no mat­ter what!

The fan re­ac­tion to Kate and Rana’s re­la­tion­ship has been huge. How are you en­joy­ing this sto­ry­line?

We’re to­tally over­whelmed, but we’re also very grate­ful at the same time. We al­ways knew it was go­ing to be a hard story to tell and I can’t get over all the sup­port we’ve re­ceived. I can only be thank­ful for it all and I adore the fact the view­ers love Kate and Rana. Who knows what the fu­ture has in store for them?

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