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Now that Jimmy King’s been pro­moted, his wife, Ni­cola, thinks they’ve fi­nally ar­rived and she can lead the life­style she was born for. One of the first things she does is book a cou­ple of flash hol­i­days – just as Jimmy is won­der­ing if busi­ness mogul Joe Tate’s job is for him af­ter all. ‘He isn’t en­joy­ing his new role,’ ac­tor Nick Miles tells Soaplife. ‘Zak Din­gle’s per­suaded him that Joe’s a bad man and he thinks he’s prob­a­bly right.’ Will Jimmy quit?

Why does Jimmy feel sus­pi­cious?

Well, for a start, he’s been made Es­tate Man­ager, but his job hasn’t changed much. Zak’s been talk­ing to him about Joe, and Gra­ham Fos­ter’s also thrown in a few hints.

Why doesn’t he just quit?

Ni­cola makes it worse by plan­ning a cou­ple of hol­i­days just as Jimmy’s think­ing about back­ing out. That puts him un­der pres­sure. She’s re­ally en­joy­ing his new re­spon­si­bil­i­ties as it fits in with all her as­pi­ra­tions. One of his rea­sons for be­ing is to make Ni­cola as happy as he pos­si­bly can.

Does he sus­pect Joe is us­ing him?

He has no idea of the ex­tent to which he’s be­ing used. Be­hind the scenes, Joe de­cides to use Jimmy to get back at Robert Sugden af­ter some smoke from the scrap yard re­sults in him los­ing a client.

What does Jimmy think of Robert?

He doesn’t like Robert all that much, but he’s been a rea­son­able busi­ness part­ner so far and, af­ter work­ing with Char­ity Din­gle, it’s ar­guably a great re­lief. The haulage busi­ness has been go­ing very well un­der their joint stew­ard­ship and Robert did let him be­come a silent part­ner to save the job at Home Farm...

Is Jimmy a match for Joe?

You should never un­der­es­ti­mate Jimmy be­cause he al­ways comes out on top in the end! But he’s al­ways try­ing to make moral choices and that slows him down.

Has he lost his ruth­less streak?

He had a ma­jor change in di­rec­tion when the house col­lapsed. The way the King fam­ily were go­ing back then, it was never go­ing to lead to any­thing but dis­as­ter. Jimmy’s tried to make more eth­i­cal choices, which is a harder way of do­ing things.

Does he miss the old days with his three broth­ers and his dad?

He misses his broth­ers, but not the hell of those days. It was a night­mare! I miss the guys. I saw Carl ac­tor Tom Lis­ter strut­ting his stuff in 42nd Street re­cently.

Can Jimmy get his sex­ual mojo back?

Not un­der this pres­sure. He’s reach­ing for the Vi­a­gra at the mo­ment. If he has any sense, he’ll stop work­ing for Joe Tate im­me­di­ately. I want him to carry on, though, as it is such great fun work­ing with Joe and Robert ac­tors Ned Por­te­ous and Ryan Hawley. I know Andy Scar­bor­ough, who plays Gra­ham, from days of old. I did my very first stage job with him back in the day when he had a brush with Henry V.

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