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Cor­rie: Okay. So we know it’s not that kind of pro­posal that Peter Bar­low has for his ex-wife, Carla Con­nor. In­stead of an­other mar­riage pro­posal, it’s a busi­ness pro­posal that he will in­vest in the fac­tory so she can be the big chief of the knicker-stitch­ers again.

But it’s also a busi­ness pro­posal that will ul­ti­mately see Carla work­ing closely with her ex-fella. And we reckon that will lead to a pro­posal of the other type...


Last month, Peter Bar­low got all flirty with his ex, Carla Con­nor, and she knocked him back. Carla was nice about it but quite clear that she thought them get­ting back to­gether was a very bad idea.

Clearly, Peter dis­agreed as last week he was again push­ing for a ro­man­tic re­union with a speech­less Carla.

All Carla wanted to fo­cus on was fam­ily mat­ters. She had no idea that the sur­prise de­liv­ery of a video mes­sage from Aidan to Alya Nazir had made Alya think about the Con­nor clan, too – and re­think her claim to Un­der­world.


Alya is put in a po­si­tion where she has to think about help­ing her own fam­ily and Aidan’s video, where he talked about how im­por­tant fam­ily was to him and why he gave Carla one of his kid­neys, helps her to do just that.

‘Alya’s brother-in-law, Im­ran Habeeb, has to sell his share in Speed Daal and Alya wants to help her gran, Yas­meen Nazir, raise the money to buy him out,’ reveals our Cor­rie in­sider.

Alya also wants to do right by Aidan’s mem­ory. So, in a move that takes Carla by com­plete sur­prise, Alya hands her the video and she tells her she’s will­ing to sell Carla the fac­tory for the value of Aidan’s orig­i­nal stake. That’s a deal Carla is de­lighted to do! The trou­ble is, that she hasn’t got the money, not all of it. That’s not what she tells Alya, though. Carla lets Alya be­lieve the deal is as good as done and Alya be­lieves her when she sees her break­ing out the bub­bly in the Rovers.

But Peter over­hears Carla con­fid­ing in her dad, Johnny, and her sis­ter-in-law, Michelle, that she needs money fast and he makes her a busi­ness pro­posal that des­per­ate Carla can’t refuse.

So it’s out with the new and back in with the old as Carla takes over Un­der­world again. She thinks she’s in com­plete con­trol... but she’s in for a mas­sive shock!


Peter is 53 and liv­ing with his fa­ther. Not ex­actly a great catch, but he has plans… and they start with work­ing at the fac­tory. His money, he thinks, has bought him a place in Carla’s life. Will she keep it strictly busi­ness?

They’ve run the fac­tory to­gether be­fore, in 2012, and it didn’t end well, re­mem­ber? They were hus­band and wife then and Peter had an affair with Tina Mcintyre. Carla was preg­nant, Tina thought she was preg­nant, re­cov­er­ing al­co­holic Peter couldn’t cope and he fell off the wagon. He lashed out and Carla lost their baby.

Is Carla re­ally likely to feel she can trust Peter af­ter all of that? He’s de­ter­mined to per­suade her she can…

Check it out! Read our in­ter­view with Carla ac­tress Ali­son King on

Alya stuns Carla with her shock de­ci­sion to sell Un­der­world back to her!

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