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How­ever much of an id­iot Billy Mitchell is at times – and that’s a big id­iot – his heart’s in the right place and he loves his kids to bits. So he's over the Moon when his es­tranged wife, Honey Mitchell, fi­nally caves in and she agrees that she, along with Janet, 12, and 10-year-old Wil­liam, will move into the flat he shares with Jay Mitchell. He can’t wait to tell the kids the good news and he breaks it to them on a trip to the play­ground. How­ever, they rather take the wind out of his sails when they tell him that they al­ready know... as Honey told them first. But Billy’s used to knock­backs and this is noth­ing to some of the hits he’s taken in the past. And no one is go­ing to dampen the joy he feels at hav­ing his fam­ily re­united un­der one roof…

1 Billy’s de­lighted when Honey agrees to move into his flat and he can’t wait to tell the kids!

2 But it seems the kids al­ready know! Will the fam­ily pros­per un­der the same roof… or not?

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