‘Carla and Peter just LOVE EACH OTHER!’

Ali­son King tells us how Carla ends up back in bed with Peter – fi­nan­cially, any­way, for now!

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Un­der­world has the name ‘Con­nor’ run­ning through it, like let­ters in a stick of rock, so when Alya of­fers to sell the fac­tory back to Carla, she wants it – what­ever the cost. ‘Carla has trou­ble rais­ing the amount of cash Alya’s ask­ing for, but it looks like she’s play­ing for time in the hope that some­thing will come through – and that some­thing turns out to be ex-hus­band Peter, who of­fers to go into part­ner­ship with her,’ ac­tress Ali King tells Soaplife.

Does Carla need the fo­cus of the fac­tory in her life?

Yes, it’s her thing. When she found out that Alya had been left it, she fought for it. But she also needed a di­ver­sion to take her mind off los­ing Aidan – the fac­tory is like her med­i­ca­tion.

How does she feel about Peter in­vest­ing in the fac­tory?

She’s wor­ried about it and also an­gry. How dare he try and ‘get into bed with her’ fi­nan­cially. But she does protest too much re­ally. It’s like that thing of hit­ting a boy be­cause you re­ally like him. That’s how she is with Peter.

So, she still has feel­ings for him?

I think that, es­sen­tially, they just love each other. Even when they say they hate one an­other, they ac­tu­ally know it’s not true. They have this chem­istry be­tween them that nei­ther of them can do any­thing about be­cause they’re quite sim­i­lar.

Do you think Carla can keep it all busi­ness-like?

I think she will want to try and do that, but she is a swan on the wa­ter, with her feet pad­dling like crazy below the sur­face. She prob­a­bly sus­pects that it’s not ideal go­ing into busi­ness with Peter, and it might be po­ten­tially dis­as­trous for her, be­cause she knows her heart is flip­ping. But she needs him – and she hates that she does.

Do you think that Carla and Peter are good to­gether?

They’re bet­ter apart, but I like work­ing with [Peter ac­tor] Chris Gas­coyne, so much I don’t want that to be the case. They’re great as an on-off re­la­tion­ship, that ‘Will they won’t they?’ kind of thing.

Do you love be­ing part of the Con­nor fam­ily?

Yes, I do. They’ve got their fin­gers in so many pies now that it’s more like ‘Con­no­ra­tion Street’. There’s Kate, who is im­pul­sive and car­ing, Jenny, who thinks she rules the roost, Michelle, who is like her real sis­ter and Carla’s dad, Johnny, who is now act­ing like the fa­ther she needs him to be.

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