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It works a treat when Me­gan Macey buys a vin­tage sports car to woo back her for­mer fella, Frank Clay­ton. But it’s a dodgy mo­tor and it ca­reers into a ditch while they’re out for a spin. ‘The car is up­side down,’ ac­tor Michael Praed tells Soaplife. ‘It’s vi­o­lent. You look at the car and you think they could ei­ther die or be in­jured. It’s cer­tainly go­ing to be a life-chang­ing sit­u­a­tion.’ Will the pair emerge un­scathed?

Why can’t Frank for­give Me­gan for cheat­ing when he did it him­self with Char­ity Din­gle?

I won­der if it’s just a ‘man thing’ and that women are more tol­er­ant. It’s not just the fact that she slept with Gra­ham Fos­ter; she also falsely ac­cused Frank of a scam, which could have re­sulted in him go­ing to prison. There’s still quite a bit of re­sent­ment hang­ing in the air about that.

What’s with the mo­tor­bike and car stuff?

It’s clas­sic midlife cri­sis ter­ri­tory, isn’t it? Frank walks around the cor­ner, he sees this car and it thumps him be­tween the eyes. It’s a sense of nos­tal­gia. It rep­re­sents some­thing Frank isn’t at the mo­ment. It’s mas­cu­line and vir­ile and he feels a bit emas­cu­lated. It’s a huge ges­ture that Me­gan buys it for Frank.

What is wrong with the car?

Well, it isn’t kosher be­cause it’s come from Ross and it’s dan­ger­ous. Some­thing is leak­ing and the car isn’t well. They drive off and, the next thing you know, it is up­side down and bits of it are strewn every­where.

How do you feel about hav­ing An­drew Scar­bor­ough as a love ri­val?

Well, quite why Me­gan would choose Gra­ham over Frank is a com­plete mys­tery to me. Women are fickle crea­tures in­deed! Gra­ham’s very mys­te­ri­ous; he has that dark, brood­ing qual­ity that some peo­ple find ir­re­sistible. We get on very well be­cause we share a dress­ing room.

What do you think about Frank work­ing in the fac­tory?

Well, I’ve al­ways had a thing for ridicu­lous hats and polyester. It’s ter­rific fun be­ing a ras­cal, but the great thing about Frank work­ing in the fac­tory is that I get to work closely with Bhasker Pa­tel and Chris Bis­son.

Would you like to see Frank paired up with a new woman?

Yes, but all the peo­ple I think would be ideal for him are com­pletely in­ap­pro­pri­ate.

If Me­gan and Frank make it down the aisle, what sort of wed­ding will they have?

She must have some sort of dream wed­ding idea in her head, but I don’t think they’d be al­lowed within a mile of a church.

Would you like Frank and Me­gan to stay to­gether?

Yes. Me­gan ac­tress Gaynor Faye and I have been work­ing closely for a cou­ple of years now and we’re tremen­dously in­vested in Me­gan and Frank. There is a shred of genuine emo­tion when one cheats on the other!

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