Sally & Tim go Un­der­cover!

af­ter sally’s ar­rested for fraud, she and Tim TRY To ex­pose dun­can as a liar! sally dynevor Reveals all...

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Life’s be­come a night­mare for Sally Met­calfe since she was conned by de­vi­ous Dun­can Rad­field. It was bad enough hav­ing to re­sign as Mayor, but things take an even more wor­ry­ing turn when she’s ar­rested! ‘Sally’s sus­pected of fraud, bribery and money laun­der­ing,’ ac­tress Sally Dynevor tells Soaplife. Sally swears to the po­lice that she’s in­no­cent but Dun­can is a very good liar and he’s made out that Sally’s his part­ner in crime – and his lover!

What hap­pens next?

Sally’s pic­ture is all over the press as a result of her ar­rest. She’s fu­ri­ous, and Sally and Tim de­cide to stake out Dun­can’s house to speak to his daugh­ter. But Dun­can comes over to the car and starts wind­ing Tim up.

Are we right in think­ing that Tim then gets ar­rested?

Yes – it’s to do with how he re­acts to Dun­can goad­ing him. Tim’s stunned when the po­lice knock at the door and ar­rest him. He’s let off with a cau­tion and he comes home, but once he’s back he tells Sally some­thing that re­ally shocks her. She’s got to con­cen­trate on get­ting out of this hole, though. What she des­per­ately needs is some le­gal rep­re­sen­ta­tion.

Who does she turn to for help?

Her sis­ter, Gina Sed­don, reveals that she’s hired Sally’s old school pal, Paula Cun­liffe, who’s now a suc­cess­ful so­lic­i­tor spe­cial­is­ing in fraud. Sally does her best to ap­pear en­thu­si­as­tic, but she’s not con­vinced Paula is the right per­son for the job.

Are there fire­works when Sally and Paula meet?

Ac­tu­ally, no. Paula calls to dis­cuss Sally’s le­gal po­si­tion and Sally’s taken aback by how down to earth she is – not as she re­mem­bers her at all. Paula as­sures Sally that she has a strong case as Dun­can’s ev­i­dence is purely cir­cum­stan­tial. This is Cor­rie, though, so things aren’t go­ing to be straight­for­ward!

Tim and Sally are rum­bled as they stake out Dun­can’s house, lead­ing to a con­fronta­tion…

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