Is it the end for mel and Jack?

and Jack gives her an ul­ti­ma­tum! Mel Makes a Mis­take

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Jack Bran­ning’s ro­mance with Mel Owen took a while to get off the ground. But they’re to­gether now and things are go­ing great for the cou­ple.

At least, they were…


Feel­ing ro­man­tic, Mel de­cides to host a spe­cial lunch for her fella. But she’s taken aback when Jack turns up with his daugh­ter, Amy, in tow. When Amy catches Mel alone, the lit­tle girl quizzes her about what’s go­ing on be­tween her and Jack (she is SO like her mum, Roxy Mitchell!).

Thrown off by all the ques­tions, a spooked Mel calls a halt to the lunch early.

Next day, Mel tries to make amends with Jack, but she ends up dig­ging her­self into an even deeper hole. When she tries to apol­o­gise again, Jack makes it clear if she wants to be with him then she has to re­alise his kids come first.

As it looks like this per­fect ro­mance has fallen apart, Mel posts a few of Jack’s be­long­ings back through the let­ter­box when she’s caught by Rainie Bran­ning. Un­likely love doc­tor Mrs Bran­ning de­cides to give Jack some words of ad­vice – and, sur­pris­ingly, she speaks a lot of sense.

With Rainie’s words ring­ing in his ears, Jack tries to make it up to Mel – but this time it’s her who’s hav­ing none of it. Is it all over for ‘Jel’ (or ‘Mack’)?

WHAT next?

We know Mel’s ex-hubby, Ray Kelly, will be show­ing his face in Al­bert Square soon.

Could this spot of trou­ble with Jack be the only excuse he needs to swoop in and claim his ex? And which lucky fella – if any – will Mel want to be with this time?

Can Mel and Jack kiss and make up over a drink – or is the glass half empty for the cou­ple?

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