chas and Paddy look ahead…

The cou­ple meet with an­other woman who also lost her baby…

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Chas Din­gle and Paddy Kirk have had to take each day as it comes since learn­ing the tragic news that their un­born daugh­ter will die af­ter she’s born. The cer­tainty that lit­tle ‘Mar­garita’ will never grow up is too painful to process in one go – it’s un­known ter­ri­tory.

Af­ter de­cid­ing to take the preg­nancy to full-term to spend as much time with Mar­garita as they can, the cou­ple had an­other tough de­ci­sion to make about or­gan do­na­tion.

‘Me and you are un­touch­able and we can weather any­thing life throws at us,’ Paddy as­sured Chas pre­vi­ously.


As Chas’ due date creeps ever closer, the cou­ple re­alise they need to think about what will hap­pen af­ter the baby is born. In a bid to pre­pare, they agree to the hospice’s sugges­tion that they meet up with a woman who’s been through a sim­i­lar ex­pe­ri­ence. Af­ter the woman, Joanne, vis­its them in The Wool­pack, she tells Paddy and Chas her own his­tory.

Her baby had a dif­fer­ent prob­lem to Mar­garita, but the child died. She re­as­sures Chas and Paddy she’s there for them if they have any ques­tions.

‘Chas is de­ter­mined not to crum­ble and to stay strong for what’s ahead of them,’ reveals our Em­merdale source.

But will it be­come too much for her to bear?


Chas has been on a mas­sive emo­tional jour­ney since fall­ing preg­nant, from de­nial about the baby’s con­di­tion to hope and then de­spair.

With Chas now vow­ing to stay strong for her baby un­til the end, Paddy may be con­cerned that the grief of the sit­u­a­tion will, de­spite his prom­ises, break her.

Could talk­ing to a woman who lost her baby help Chas?

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