Are mark and elly back on?

Page the pair are Fi­nally on the same Could when it Comes to their Fu­ture… amaz­ing? this be the start of some­thing

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Mark Bren­nan and Elly Con­way have al­ways had the hots for each other. But, un­til now, the tim­ing just hasn’t been right. Ei­ther one of them is com­ing out of a tricky re­la­tion­ship or their jobs have got in the way.

But that’s all about to change when Mark de­liv­ers a sur­pris­ing ul­ti­ma­tum…

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Mark’s des­per­ate to get their ro­mance off the ground and, fed up with wait­ing for Elly to be in the right headspace, he tells her if she isn’t ready to com­mit to him now, she prob­a­bly never will.

‘Elly’s sur­prised by Mark’s as­sertive­ness and she’s un­sure what to do,’ con­fesses our Ram­say Street mole. ‘In the end, it’s Bea Nils­son and Xan­the Can­ning who end up play­ing Cupid for the cou­ple.’

The friends present Mark and Elly with a suit­case each, telling them to pack their re­la­tion­ship bag­gage and get rid of it, leav­ing them both free to com­mit to a new ro­mance. Both Mark and Elly are sur­pris­ingly en­thu­si­as­tic and go along with the plan.

So are they now a cou­ple?

what next?

The pair agree to make a fresh start to­gether, and are fi­nally on the same page. So with their ro­mance rar­ing to go, could this be the mo­ment they’ve both been wait­ing so long for?

Or has the Mark and Elly ship al­ready sailed with­out ei­ther of them even re­al­is­ing?

Mark and Elly put their prob­lems be­hind them and try to make a go of things. But can it last?

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