Cost of Meghan’s dress is stun­ning


THE pub­lic have all seen Royal ex­trav­a­gance and self- in­dul­gence for years.

I am stunned at the cost of Meghan Markle’s wed­ding dress ( inset right) – £ 100,000. Even if they say it’s at their own cost, it ul­ti­mately isn’t – the na­tion funds them.

I have to be­lieve it should be used for the greater good and less for­tu­nate. An equally won­der­ful dress could be used at a frac­tion of this cost.

I doubt royal minds would see the ar­gu­ment though, as self- serv­ing has been the or­der of the day for cen­turies. The pub­lic have grown weary of a fam­ily who think it’s a God given right to have riches from cra­dle to grave. Clay Neal, by email

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