Heart- cry of dis­con­nected will be heard

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TAK­ING ad­van­tage of the re­cent glo­ri­ous weather, we vis­ited two ru­ral at­trac­tions.

At Bats­ford Ar­bore­tum there was a mar­vel­lous va­ri­ety of trees and new things were learned, and forgotten things were brought to mind ( such as what causes leaves to change colour as sum­mer moves towards au­tumn).

A fal­conry demon­stra­tion at Mary Ar­den’s house saw the fal­coner dis­play­ing a barn owl. Ap­par­ently, this bird can hear the heart­beat of a mouse at a dis­tance of 40 feet! There is a dan­ger that we can get so caught up in ‘ how’ such won­der­ful things oc­cur and ex­alt the science which ob­serves, stud­ies and ex­plains the nat­u­ral world, that we over­look the press­ing ques­tion of ‘ why’ such things are so.

In the Bible, we are told time and again that God is the au­thor of cre­ation.

He cre­ated for his own good plea­sure and the things he made were to bring him hon­our. An artist is hon­oured for a fine piece of art, a mu­si­cian for a splen­did com­po­si­tion and an ar­chi­tect for a mag­nif­i­cent build­ing – how much more, the Bible rea­sons, should the cre­ator of the gi­ant red­wood or the golden ea­gle be not only hon­oured but wor­shipped too.

Both the Old and New Tes­ta­ments say that cre­ation serves a fur­ther pur­pose. It speaks to us about the re­al­ity of God.

This may make us un­com­fort­able be­cause deep down we sense that, if God is for real, then we must be ac­count­able to him in all ar­eas of our lives. God clearly does not in­tend that we dis­con­nect the cre­ated from the cre­ator, glo­ry­ing in the won­der­ful things around us while shrink­ing back from re­lat­ing to the One who de­signed and made them all.

Chris­tians be­lieve God has a rem­edy for this dis­con­nect – that the an­swer is Je­sus, who re­veals God even more per­fectly than does cre­ation.

The au­thor of cre­ation steps into his own story ( a bit like if Colin Dex­ter, while play­ing him­self, was writ­ten into a Morse story).

This is how it works: What is the char­ac­ter of God like? Look at Je­sus – he’s just the same.

What things please or dis­please God? Those which please and dis­please Je­sus.

Is God will­ing to help and for­give? Je­sus is. May or­di­nary peo­ple like you and me come into re­la­tion­ship with God?

We know that Je­sus built re­la­tion­ships with or­di­nary peo­ple.

If a barn owl can hear the heart­beat of a mouse yards away, I be­lieve God can hear the heart- cry of any­one who will ac­knowl­edge him and who doesn’t want to stay dis­con­nected.

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