Where have all the politi­cians gone?


HOW things have changed. Only a few weeks ago I could not open the front door be­fore some­one was shak­ing my hand and promis­ing me any­thing that I wanted.

Leaflets, hand­outs, brochures, you name it, my door mat was lit­tered with a prom­ise of a coun­cil “utopia” where rub­bish would be cleared up in hours and pot­holes would be a thing of the past. All you had to do was put your cross on the pa­per.

So what is dif­fer­ent? No more run­ning would- be coun­cil­lors and no more prom­ises, so the old three­piece suite can lie out­side, the ripped open bin bags can fer­ment on the cor­ner of Wood­croft Cres­cent, and pot­holes... well, they just get big­ger. Trav­ellers are sun­ning them­selves in Tolkien’s land and our parks look more like mead­ows than parks.

But now we know who our coun­cil­lors are and that is the last that we will see of them for the next four years. S T Vaughan, Yard­ley Wood

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