Bin­men’s stu­pid­ity blocked the street

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I BE­LIEVE that the bin­men are get­ting out of con­trol and should per­haps be taught how to do their jobs again.

The other day I was walk­ing down the foot­path on the main road in Broms­grove and I could not be­lieve the stu­pid­ity that I wit­nessed.

The foot­path was very nar­row and the road was quite busy and guess what? The bin­men had emp­tied all of the wheelie bins down the en­tire street and they had left the bins block­ing the pave­ments. This meant that pedes­tri­ans, peo­ple with wheel­chairs and baby prams would have had to walk in the road with all of the traf­fic be­hind them.

I be­lieve that the bin­men should be putting all of the bins back in peo­ple’s gar­dens. Does any­one else agree? case then why is it down to Theresa May to sort out a deal? In­stead of scream­ing “this will not do, that will not do”, shouldn’t they be putting their heads to­gether to sort out be­tween them what they will do?

They are up against a rag tag of coun­tries who con­trib­ute lit­tle or noth­ing to the pot, but are used to hav­ing their prof­fered beg­ging bowls filled for no re­turn.

The vote to go in was ac­cepted so how come the vote to get out is so dif­fer­ent?

We joined a com­mon mar­ket, to freely al­low trad­ing be­tween al­lied coun­tries, not to be ruled by un­elected of­fi­cials.

Our gov­ern­ment is mak­ing us a laugh­ing stock when they should be stand­ing firm and do­ing what it was demo­crat­i­cally voted for. E Smullen, by email

If this is the case and it is de­cided to hold an­other ref­er­en­dum or peo­ple’s vote, then the op­tions on the bal­lot pa­per can only be: 1 Mrs May’s deal or 2 No deal.

It is in­con­ceiv­able that an op­tion to re­main is of­fered. That de­ci­sion has been made so any fur­ther vote, which per­son­ally I do not want or be­lieve is nec­es­sary, can only be on how we leave. M H, Stech­ford Pete Matthews, We­o­ley Cas­tle

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