250 ways to help cut down smok­ing


I RE­CENTLY read a re­port con­cern­ing cig­a­rettes not be­ing easy to give up, so I would like to in­form smok­ing read­ers of a way to do it.

I have rolled cig­a­rettes for my­self and my wife for 50 years now and guess what? On the day be­fore my birth­day on Jan­uary 30, my wife said to me “Dave, let’s give up smok­ing, don’t buy any more to­bacco when we have fin­ished this packet.” I have been smok­ing 50 per day for most of my life now, but I agreed to do as my wife told me.

The next morn­ing on my birth­day we had enough to­bacco to roll one cig­a­rette so we shared it and she said “that’s it, no more”.

Any­way, guess what? Two hours later she said “Dave, go and buy some to­bacco, I’m gasp­ing!”

So I went up to the shop and bought her a large pack of to­bacco and placed it on the ta­ble back home and I spent the next two hours rolling cig­a­rettes up for her and I rolled up 250 in the end. And guess what? It didn’t even en­cour­age me to have one and I haven’t smoked a sin­gle cig­a­rette now for 10 months and I am not even gasp­ing for one!

But I will tell read­ers how to do it. I put three fil­ter tips in each cig­a­rette and just had a quick smoke, I think that this idea cut down the nico­tine, which is why I have found it so easy. My wife has cut down to just 10 per day now as well. So all you smok­ers out there why not have a go at it? It could save you a lot of money! David Jef­fries, Red­ditch car­nage of our trees also has an ef­fect on the air that we breathe, yet we have a coun­cil cut­ting down our trees while try­ing to pun­ish mo­torists for air pol­lu­tion.

As for the cy­cle lanes, I am com­pletely lost as to how they are go­ing to be safe or even prac­ti­cal.

So Mike, I am with you on this; an­other be­wil­dered Brum­mie left scratch­ing his head and just won­der­ing why do we ever let these peo­ple run our city? S T Vaughan, Yardley Wood copy of at least one Christ­mas al­bum and that is all you need re­ally.

Even the John Lewis ad­vert have used the same song a cou­ple of times in the last few years or so with El­lie Goulding and now El­ton John singing Your Song.

You would think that by now, with all of the singer­song­writ­ers about to­day, they could come up with a brand new Christ­mas al­bum full of orig­i­nal songs.

But I will not be hold­ing my breath as we all en­joy the old songs any­way and it would not re­ally be the Christ­mas that we know if we didn’t hear them as we do our shop­ping and watch TV. sight. I re­alise there is more to life than eaves­drop­ping on the world but at the same time it is great to be able to hear the wind in the trees and the whis­tle of the birds ( feath­ered va­ri­ety) and to be able to turn the vol­ume down on noisy, in­tru­sive po­lit­i­cal blowhards and to be able to con­verse with the peo­ple that count without cup­ping my ears.

I would urge peo­ple with hear­ing prob­lems to seek ad­vice and join the world of sounds. It makes sense to use your senses. Ge­off Partridge, Ru­bery

Au­tumn land­scape, Ar­ley Ar­bore­tum, Worces­ter­shire, by Christo­pher Price

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