EU money needed to get UK up to scratch


I VOTED for Brexit. What amazes me is that there was not a clause stat­ing what the con­di­tions would be for any coun­try who wanted to opt out. I ad­mire Prime Min­is­ter Theresa May and feel sorry that she has such spine­less men in her party. .

They need to be told that they were voted in by peo­ple who ex­pect them to carry out their wishes, and not what they them­selves want.

I think that they are caus­ing so much trou­ble be­cause they do not want Brexit to hap­pen. Any­one can see that the rea­son our ser­vices can’t cope is be­cause too many peo­ple have been al­lowed into this coun­try.

We have the best coun­try in the world in my opin­ion and that is why ev­ery­one wants to come here.

Some are get­ting more ben­e­fits than me and I paid into the sys­tem all of my life, only to be told that I had to claim off my hus­band’s con­tri­bu­tions as for 22 years I had paid a mar­ried woman’s stamp.

We both get old age pen­sions and com­pany pen­sions so can’t claim for any­thing.

We need the money that we pay into the Euro­pean Union to get our own coun­try back up to scratch. Birm­ing­ham is turn­ing into a ghetto with gangs of sav­ages roam­ing the streets with guns and knives. They need to be told that there is a bet­ter way of life.

There are too many vi­o­lent video games and the vi­o­lence on tele­vi­sion pro­grammes such as Peaky Blin­ders does not help ei­ther, in my opin­ion.

Hos­pi­tals are clos­ing depart­ments and it is years since I have seen a po­lice­man on the streets.

Also if I had my way any­one claim­ing dole money or un­em­ploy­ment ben­e­fit would have to work pick­ing crops that the EU work­ers are do­ing or be made to clear the moun­tains of rub­bish off the streets.

I am an­gry about the way that some of the EU coun­tries have treated Theresa May with such dis­dain.

They have short mem­o­ries of what this coun­try has done for them. Fam­ily mem­bers fought, died and were pris­on­ers of war in the First and Sec­ond World Wars, and I know that ev­ery one of them would vote one hun­dred per cent to leave the Euro­pean Union.

Let’s get our own coun­try back and make our own rules and laws so that we can make it Great Bri­tain again. San­dra Greatrex, Tam­worth Pauleen Coutts, by email

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