Stock­ing filler for gad­get fiend is a very Smart idea

Solihull News - - NEWS - BY DAVE PINWELL

ANY­ONE seek­ing a last- minute stock­ing filler for a gad­get fiend ought to be look­ing at the Flic Smart But­ton.

Well, okay, it might not fill a Christ­mas morn­ing swag bag, af­ter all it is only the di­am­e­ter of a ten pence coin and the depth of a square of Dairy Milk, but it is a time- sav­ing gizmo for tasks that would oth­er­wise de­mand the fir­ing up of a mo­bile phone.

Weather re­sis­tant and wire­less, each of these lit­tle por­ta­ble press but­tons can be pro­grammed to do up to three dif­fer­ent things that would oth­er­wise re­quire fetch­ing out the mo­bile and work­ing through a num­ber of screens.

For ex­am­ple, a sin­gle Flic could be set up to have Hive switch on the heat­ing and warm the house ready for home­com­ing with one quick press, to call an Uber with two quick presses or set the alarm for the morn­ing with a press and hold,

Flics com­mu­ni­cate with phones via Blue­tooth and work as long as they are within range. The but­tons have sticky pads on their backs for per­ma­nently fix­ing some­where, although, this could be the handy, strong clip sup­plied with each one for easy porta­bil­ity.

For in­stance, the sticky pad could be used to keep one on the dash­board of a car for handily do­ing com­mon­place tasks whilst driv­ing, such as call home or change the mu­sic track.

The clip can be used to carry one on a belt or hand­bag strap for ease of ac­cess.

The Flic comes in four op­tional colours, black, white, turquoise and green, with a bat­tery life of up to two years and costs be­tween £ 30 and £ 40 from a va­ri­ety of sell­ers.

a‘ ti‘ It is mesav­ing gizmo for tasks that would oth­er­wise de­mand the fir­ing up of a mo­bile phone.

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