Pol­lu­tion is lat­est war we are fight­ing

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EV­ERY year I hear about pol­lu­tion. Coal is a killer, cars are chaos, cows are a gas night­mare, diesel is a dis­as­ter.

Now be­ing of a gen­er­a­tion that has wit­nessed the ef­fects of most of the coal- driven in­dus­tries, watched cars take over the roads and seen world forests de­stroyed, the amaz­ing thing about my gen­er­a­tion is that I can’t re­mem­ber when there was not a war of some sort go­ing on.

I was born in the Sec­ond World War, grew up lis­ten­ing to the Korean War, then on to the Viet­nam War, and now we are wit­ness­ing years of war in the Mid­dle East, and let’s not for­get Suez, North­ern Ire­land, the Six- Day War, the Falk­lands, Kenya, Burma, Sri Lanka and the list just goes on and on.

And that is the point, I never hear one word about war be­ing a pol­lu­tant, yet we know that the Viet­nam War used all types of de- fo­liage chem­i­cals, and how many bombs are be­ing used in the Mid­dle East?

So why is there not any car­bon fin­ger­print point­ing to pos­si­bly one of the worlds worst pol­lu­tant, war? S T Vaughan, Yard­ley Wood

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