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AU­GUST 26 10.34pm: Ra­neem rings 999 to tell po­lice she is hav­ing trou­ble with her ex- part­ner and that he has slapped her and her mum. She says she has a non- mo­lesta­tion or­der against him, and she and her mother do not feel safe.

11.08pm: Po­lice have not ar­rived so she calls of­fi­cers again to say she has left the lounge and is on her way home.

11.42pm: She calls po­lice again to ask where they are, and to say she is wait­ing out­side her home.

AU­GUST 27 12.18am: Of­fi­cers try to call Ra­neem back, but there is no re­ply. .

12.26am: Ra­neem calls po­lice to say she and her mother are go­ing back to her mother’s home. She says she is wor­ried that if she stays, Tarin will hurt her. She is ad­vised to go to her mother’s house and lock the doors, and to call back if Tarin turns up.

12.30am: In a fi­nal call, the po­lice phone Ra­neem to say that of­fi­cers have made an ap­point­ment to see her at 8am. While on the phone, she and her mother are stabbed to death.

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