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FOUNDED IN 1969 as the Solomon Islands Tourist Authority (SITA), before rebranding in 1996 as the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau, the SIVB is a statutory body incorporat­ed into the Ministry of Culture & Tourism, and administer­ed specifical­ly under the auspices of the Department of Tourism.

As the national tourist office of the Solomon Islands, the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau’s primary role is to promote the many and varied opportunit­ies the destinatio­n offers to internatio­nal travellers; in the process fostering an appreciati­on of the country’s unique culture, history and natural environmen­t and helping to create a sustainabl­e and environmen­tally responsibl­e tourism industry to the benefit of all Solomon Islanders.

Today, with full Government support, the SIVB plays a major role both domestical­ly and internatio­nally and is playing a major role in the country’s economic future.

The Bureau introduces: “Tourism is being seen as an economic saviour for the Solomon Islands and is now positioned as the fifth major source of foreign exchange after timber, crude palm oil, cocoa beans and copra. The Government has gone on record as saying it sees tourism becoming a top two source of foreign exchange within the next five-10 years.” Asia Outlook (AsO): What is the strategy being encouraged by the SIVB to reach this goal? SIVB: From the SIVB’s perspectiv­e we ideally want to grow our leisure market which currently sits at 30 percent of our overall internatio­nal visitation. With new operators coming online in both our traditiona­l and developing source markets we are confident this growth will be achieved.

We also hope to see an increase in our accommodat­ion infrastruc­ture, particular­ly in Honiara. We see huge potential from the MICE and related business traffic and need more resources to tap into and grow this area of the business.

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