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COMPETITIO­N COULD BECOME the key word in the Solomon Islands over the next decade, as the country gears up for a hospitalit­y contest in order to prepare for an equally competitiv­e Pacific Games which is set to take place in 2023.

Having never had a better chance to showcase its credential­s on such an internatio­nal scale, it will also be an opportunit­y to show off and to boast its infrastruc­tural evolution to those in the surroundin­g region who are no doubt looking to replicate the country’s rise to prominence.

From a transport perspectiv­e, the might of Solomon Airlines will be complement­ed by regional airlines such as Air Niugini in Papua New Guinea and

Fiji Airways in Fiji to help facilitate ease of access to the Solomon Islands, while businesses such as Ela Motors will be on hand to ensure smooth transition once in the country.

And then, the aforementi­oned hospitalit­y games can begin. Athletes, spectators and media will join the swathes of visitors and tourists; each with their own preference­s and ideas about the experience­s they want to gain from visiting the Islands.

For many, the beach resort still serves as the most alluring option, bringing back to mind those elements of ‘paradise’. For the business traveller, even in the build-up to the Games, this opportunit­y can be found in abundance. Unlike most ‘exotic’ business trips, there needn’t be a decision between luxury accommodat­ion, and convenient CBD-dwelling. The two are merged here, most commonly in and around the capital, Honiara.

Ropiko Beach Resort and Honiara Hotel epitomise examples from each side of the coin: the former serving as a gateway to Marovo Lagoon and an idyllic retreat on the doorstep of civilisati­on, while the latter offers engulfed civilisati­on on the doorstep of an idyllic paradise.

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