Solomon Islands Business Travel Guide

Landmark Attraction­s


Marovo Lagoon

“The Marovo Lagoon is a double barrier reef enclosed lagoon, which in practise means a chain of coral reefs and islands that encircle the big Vangunu Island... large parts of the Marovo Lagoon are nearly as untouched as in 1946 when American Author James A. Michener in his Pulitzer Prize winning book Tales from the South Pacific described it as the eighth wonder of the world.”

- Pacific Island Living

Honiara Central Market

“While Honiara won't be mistaken for Lagos, the country’s bubbling principal food market covers a whole block between Mendana Ave and the seafront. It has a huge selection of fresh produce, especially fruits and vegetables that come from outlying villages along the northern coast and from Savo Island.”

- Lonely Planet


“About 12km west from Honiara, Bonegi is music to the ears of divers, snorkelers and sunbathers. Two large Japanese freighters sank just offshore on the night of 13 November, 1942, and make for a magnificen­t playground for scuba divers, who call them Bonegi I and Bonegi II. As the upper works of Bonegi II break the surface, it can also be snorkelled. There’s also a black-sand beach that is suitable for a picnic.” - Lonely Planet

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