Not enough charg­ing points for elec­tric cars

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POLITI­CIANS and their cronies over a num­ber of years have conned peo­ple to buy diesel cars but now have al­lowed an in­crease of the cost of diesel over petrol to be 11p per litre.

They are now push­ing elec­tric cars with not enough points to recharge and sup­port these changes.

A few years ago they were say­ing we did not have enough power sta­tions to sup­ply elec­tric­ity to homes and busi­ness and we could ex­pect black­outs. So where is the elec­tric­ity com­ing from? Peo­ple are al­ready un­able to com­plete jour­neys as they are un­able to recharge their cars.

They are do­ing the same with Brexit. Too many of our politi­cians don’t want us to leave the EU purely for their own self-in­ter­est and in­di­vid­ual gain. They are act­ing like small chil­dren who are be­ing de­prived of their toys and sweet­ies.

It is about time the Bri­tish peo­ple should stand up for them­selves. Why should we lis­ten to the likes of Jean-Claude Juncker, a non-elected leader, and Ms Barnier and Macron whose loy­al­ties are to Bel­gium and France who have their own agenda. The EU has de­stroyed our fish­ing fleet but still wants to have hold over our fish­ing ar­eas. Also, why have we al­lowed the Gover­nor of the Bank of Eng­land to have UK cit­i­zen­ship in or­der to give him a knight­hood. This is an ut­ter dis­grace. He was very well paid for do­ing a poor job. Prob­a­bly Canada does not want him back.

It is time we put Bri­tain first; ev­ery other coun­try cer­tainly is far more par­ti­san. Iona David


Des­per­ately short of hospice beds

WHY is it that in the cap­i­tal of Wales we do not have a hospice.

I feel it is very sad that the only hospice we have is at Holm Tower Pe­narth and the to­tal num­ber of beds is 30 and is mostly funded by char­ity. This is very few when you think of the ever in­creas­ing lo­cal pop­u­la­tion.

Peo­ple when acutely ill are ad­mit­ted to the A&E depart­ment at the Heath hos­pi­tal which is not the ap­pro­pri­ate place for some­one at end of life.

Peo­ple are un­der the im­pres­sion that ter­mi­nally ill peo­ple can be ad­mit­ted and cared for in the ap­pro­pri­ate way, this is not the case as Cardiff Hospice Whitchurch has no overnight beds; the build­ing is used for treat­ments and stor­age.

Vaughan Gething, the minister for health, needs to take no­tice and pro­vide the cor­rect care for these peo­ple. I re­ally hope he will take the trou­ble to re­ply to this con­cern. Mrs A Stew­ard Fair­wa­ter, Cardiff

It is time we put Bri­tain first; ev­ery other coun­try is far more par­ti­san Iona David Miskin

Help to stop dogs freez­ing to death

IN Ro­ma­nia this win­ter, hun­dreds of dogs will die starv­ing, frozen to death, un­wanted and unloved in the streets. Al­ready it is be­low zero and snow­ing.

Paws2Res­cue is a UK reg­is­tered char­ity (1156882) that works to re­lieve the plight of Ro­ma­nian dogs by sup­port­ing pri­vate shel­ters with

food and bed­ding, raising do­na­tions for vet­eri­nary treat­ments and run­ning ed­u­ca­tion and neu­ter­ing pro­grammes. They also help some of these dogs to find lov­ing fam­ily homes in the UK and across Europe.

Their con­tact de­tails are: Paws2Res­cue, 71-75 Shel­ton Street, Covent Gar­den, Lon­don, WC2H 9JQ.

What is my in­ter­est in this? Sim­ple, the Ro­ma­nian young lady who was our church cleaner for sev­eral years (and very good), Daniela Spul­ber, told me about peo­ple de­lib­er­ately maim­ing and killing street dogs, and is up­set she can do lit­tle to help, so I found this char­ity and am ask­ing you to sup­port them.

Thank you all for your kind­ness. Bob Sun­man, Peny­lan, Cardiff

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