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“Some­times, I know it seems hard to be­lieve, but I get amorous let­ters from ladies” – David Wal­liams, co­me­dian and chil­dren’s au­thor.

“We have de­liv­ered a deal that hon­ours the vote of the Bri­tish peo­ple. I’ve been speak­ing to fac­tory work­ers in Scot­land, farm­ers in Wales and peo­ple right across the coun­try, an­swer­ing their ques­tions about the deal and our fu­ture. Over­whelm­ingly, the mes­sage I’ve heard is that peo­ple want us to get on with it”

– Prime Minister Theresa May on Brexit.

“I’m in love with the man that I am be­com­ing”

– Amer­i­can co­me­dian Kevin Hart is plainly pleased with him­self.

“Labour in gov­ern­ment at West­min­ster will halt aus­ter­ity which our man­i­festo com­mit­ments could mean £70 bil­lion more for Scot­land over two terms. As chan­cel­lor, this pack­age will rep­re­sent the big­gest trans­fer in wealth and power from Lon­don to Scot­land in post-war Bri­tain. The next Labour gov­ern­ment will be the most rad­i­cally re­form­ing one since that of Cle­ment At­tlee and Nye Bevan elected in 1945” – Shadow chan­cel­lor John


“The worse the world’s sit­u­a­tion gets, the more that theatre has started to find its iden­tity. We look at our hu­man­ity, we look at why we do what we do, all those ques­tions that politi­cians are no longer ask­ing”

– Ac­tress Juliet Steven­son, who has had a “re­nais­sance of pur­pose” about act­ing.

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