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I’VE just had a new porch fit­ted and to ac­com­mo­date the slop­ing roof they had to take off some of the dec­o­ra­tive cladding tiles. What do you think would be the best so­lu­tion to make this wa­ter­proof and also re­tain the tiles?


YOU need to con­tact the com­pany that in­stalled the new roof to fix the tiles they took off. When I hear such sto­ries as this about poor work­man­ship it makes me mad.


Trevor Stamp

WE live in a 1950s’ bun­ga­low which had a dou­ble-glazed PVC ex­ten­sion in the 1970s, join­ing the house and garage. We are still ex­pe­ri­enc­ing re­ally bad con­den­sa­tion on the walls, par­tic­u­larly in the win­ter. Any thoughts? Ann Ben­nett


THE con­ser­va­tory wall is cold be­cause it’s ex­ter­nal, plas­tic and has no in­su­la­tion, which is why con­den­sa­tion is form­ing. You need to in­su­late the wall from the cold, ei­ther on the in­side or the out­side. A ra­di­a­tor on the prob­lem wall will help when it’s turned on, but the con­den­sa­tion will still form when it’s off.


I’VE painted wooden skirt­ing boards and the nat­u­ral yel­low is still show­ing through. I’ve un­der­coated and glossed them five times and it’s still com­ing through. What can I do to stop this hap­pen­ing?

Louise Mang­ham-Booth


I WOULD just ap­ply a coat of Zinsser B-I-N Primer-Sealer Stain Killer. This will solve the prob­lem.

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