Ch­es­ney and Kirk go along with Beth’s hare­brained scheme to pay for Sinead’s treat­ment with fake mug­ging

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DES­PER­ATE times call for des­per­ate mea­sures, but can crime re­ally pay? Daniel learns the truth about Sinead’s con­di­tion as she re­veals her cancer has spread so she needs to start chemo­ther­apy im­me­di­ately.

Beth is des­per­ate to help her niece and finds a spe­cial­ist clinic in Ger­many – but re­alises the cost will be pro­hib­i­tive. But she isn’t put off eas­ily.

In­stead, she notes the com­bi­na­tion on the fac­tory safe and also sug­gests that Ch­es­ney could stage a mug­ging, claim­ing he was robbed while car­ry­ing the ke­bab shop’s tak­ings.

With her ‘vic­tim’ sorted Beth needs to find her ‘at­tacker’ and de­cides Kirk is the man for the job.

As Ches heads out with the tak­ings, a masked Kirk pounces.

Beth hands over the cash to a de­lighted Sinead, but Dev im­me­di­ately smells a rat... Else­where, Brian is pushed to the edge by Phil’s de­mands; due to over­work and stress he faints at school, but in­sists that he’s fine – the nativity show must go on, of course.

Nick and Im­ran move into the flat, Robert is caught be­tween two women and Rita learns that un­der­taker Archie has died.

A masked Kirk snatches the bag from Ch­es­ney and sprints away Robert is caught be­tween two women Beth sug­gests that Ch­es­ney steals the tak­ings from work to fund Sinead’s treat­ment, mak­ing out he was muggedSinead is touched when Beth presents her with the cash to fund her treat­ment but af­ter she clocks a bal­a­clava on the ta­ble and Dev and Cathy later tell her Ch­es­ney was mugged, her mind whirls

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