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IF you fancy a bit of win­ter green­ery, why not make your own rocky cac­tus gar­den? It is al­ways colour­ful and easy to care for (you don’t even need to wa­ter it).


Peb­bles Acrylic paint (green, white, black) A paint­brush Small pom­poms or fake flow­ers or tis­sue pa­per in var­i­ous colours Glue A small plant pot or con­tainer Sand Small stones/ gravel Goo­gly eyes (if re­quired)


1. Make sure your peb­bles are clean and dry be­fore paint­ing. This gar­den looks great if you choose slightly dif­fer­ent shades of green paint for each peb­ble. You can do this by adding white or black paint to your green paint to vary the shade. 2. Paint each peb­ble all over and al­low to dry com­pletely. 3. Use your white paint and a very thin brush to add dots, lines and crosses to your peb­bles to look like spikes. Al­low to dry. 4. Take your plant pot and fill it three-quar­ters full with sand or small stones/gravel. 5. When com­pletely dry, push each painted peb­ble into the sand/gravel, ar­rang­ing your cac­tus gar­den how you would like it to look. 6. When you are happy with your ar­range­ment, add a layer of small stones/ gravel to fill up to near the top of the pot. 7. Make some flow­ers for your cacti by glue­ing on pom­poms or fake flow­ers if you have them.

If not you can make your own flow­ers, in­set, from tis­sue pa­per.

Cut sev­eral flower shapes and stick them on top of each other (see pic­ture) be­fore glue­ing them onto the tops of your cacti. 8. Fi­nally, if you want your gar­den to have ex­tra char­ac­ter, you can glue on some goo­gly eyes.

An ev­er­last­ing cac­tus rock gar­den

A young girl mak­ing a liv­ing cac­tus gar­den

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