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Plenty of concerns over phone tech

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FORMER Swansea Council leader Lawrence Bailey’s latest column (March 14) purported to debunk some myths about mobile phones yet actually imparted misleading informatio­n about the health risks posed by such devices and related infrastruc­ture.

Quoting Cancer Research UK’S dismissal of the idea that radiofrequ­ency radiation (RFR) or electromag­netic fields (EMFS) from mobile phones and masts can cause cancer, Mr Bailey failed to mention that CRUK has some proverbial ‘skin in the game’ when it comes to downplayin­g associatio­ns between cancer and mobile technologi­es: in 2007 CRUK opened a new research institute in Cambridge, housed in what is called the Li Ka Shing Centre at Addenbrook­e’s Hospital. The £50 million institute was jointly funded by Cambridge University, Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., Cancer Research UK and the Atlantic Philanthro­pies. Hutchison Whampoa’s press release about the opening stated that the company “is the largest Asian investor in the UK, with over £14 billion investment­s in 3G mobile broadband” and other areas.

In 2011, the Internatio­nal Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified RF-EMFS from mobile phones – and related wireless technologi­es such as Wi-fi – as a Group 2B human carcinogen, i.e. as possibly carcinogen­ic to humans, based on an increased risk for glioma – a malignant type of brain cancer.

While there is some truth in Mr Bailey’s statement that electromag­netic radiation “does not have enough energy to damage DNA”, the Internatio­nal Commission on the Biological Effects of Electromag­netic Fields (ICB-EMF) notes that “it is well establishe­d that DNA damage can also be caused by indirect processes, such as by the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). More than 120 published studies have demonstrat­ed oxidative effects associated with exposure to low intensity RFR”.

Finally, Mr Bailey appears illinforme­d with regard to public concern about wireless infrastruc­ture more generally. There was a parliament­ary debate on 5G masts on March 13, with the reading of a Private Member’s Bill on the issue scheduled for March 22. In the recent debate, MPS relayed their constituen­ts’ complaints about their interests and concerns being ridden over roughshod by telecoms companies.

Jim Mcmahon MP pointed out that communitie­s have been left voiceless by the government’s failure to properly regulate the installati­on of telecommun­ications masts, while Yasmin Qureshi MP said that masts were “tall, ugly monstrosit­ies, blighting our landscapes and causing much distress to my constituen­ts. There is no consultati­on done with anyone. The first people see of it is these stupid, horrendous things outside their homes.” Though he complains about mobile phone coverage in his area, I wonder how Mr Bailey would feel were a 20m mobile phone mast suddenly to be erected directly in front of his house.

Dr AJ Fitzgerald

Wiser Wireless Wales

 ?? ?? Swansea Marina, photograph­ed by Lawrence Molloy.
Swansea Marina, photograph­ed by Lawrence Molloy.

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